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Dibang Valley is a district of Arunachal Pradesh named after the Dibang River or the Talon as the Mishmis call it. It is the least populated district in India and has an area of 9,129 square kilometres


Dibang Valley is the largest district of Arunachal Pradesh with the lowest density of
population in India. With much of its beauty peeking from behind the misty air, this unexplored
place to visit for pristine calmness. Dibang Valley consists of undulated-rugged mountains with
breath-taking green valleys, deep-down gorges, enchanting waterfalls, natural lakes of various
dimensions and innumerable meandering rivers and turbulent streams.
District Headquarter : Anini lying at an altitude of 1968 mtrs above sea level and its adjoining
areas like Mipi, Alinye (ALG) Angrim Valley, Acheso, Dambuen, Mihundo, Gipulin, etc are some
the potential tourist spots. There are many lakes of various sizes lying hidden high up in the
snow-clad mountains which feed the various mighty roaring rivers like Dri, Mathun, Emra, Talon
and Ahi besides various streams and innumerable breath-taking waterfalls all round the year.


Throughout the journey we will pass by Roing, Mayodia which is situated at a altitude of about 8000 ft, eye catching beautiful landscapes, views of snow capped mountains, a quiant town Hunli , roads that gives you thrill ( if you are a adventurous person it will be lifetime adventure for you), mesmerizing views of mountains and then we will reach our destination, Anini.

In the morning, after breakfast we will head towards beautiful Gipulin village, stunning Matu waterfall and a hanging bridge. After enjoying the beauty of Gipulin we will arrive at Dri river capsite for a stay, a windy cold atmosphere with a magnificent landscape.

Starting our journey to Acheso from river capsite with so much excitement beacause throughout the journey we will visit A valley, Angri valley, Dri valley, Chigu camp, Bruni, beautiful waterfalls like Poya fall, Ahi fall, Dechha fall, Mawu Fall, Chigu fall and many breathtaking views to full our mind by creating beautiful memories.

Day 4 :
Day 4

After witnessing the magnificent landscapes and the numerous waterfalls at Dibang Valley

We will returned to Dibrugarh .

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