5 Days

The name “Hampta Pass” derived from Hampta Village. It is
at an altitude of 14,107 feet in the Himalayan Pin Panjal
range and it is the passage between Lahaul and Kullu, or
Manali valley of Himachal Pradesh. Hampta Pass Trek, This
region has rich Flora and Fauna but, on the other hand, the
Lahaul valley has barren lands and is deserted.
Therefore, go through quaint villages and explore two
different cultures. In ancient times, the trail was a trade
route. Thus, now it is frequently used by the shepherds in
summers to find grasslands in the deserted Lahaul, Spiti


Pickup to you from Manali to Jobra by taxi (22 km) Same day trek to Cheeka camp (03 km) (1 Hour) (3070 Meter)

Trek from Cheeka camp to Balu ka Gera (08 km)

(4/5 Hours) (3783 Meter)

Trek from Balu ka Gera to Hampta pass (4310 Meter.) Then from there to Shea Goru camp (12 km) (6-7 Hours) (3730 Meter)

Trek from Shea Goru camp to Chatru camp - (05 km) trek (3-4 Hours) same day drive to Chandratal (4300 Meter) back to Chatru camp (156 km) (5-6 Hours)

to via Rohtang pass (4110 Meter) to Manali (140 km.) Reach Manali by evening 6 pm.

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