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Nag Tibba, or the Serpents Peak, is the highest peak in the Lesser Himalyan Range in Garhwal. Nag Tibba can be reached by three routes, of which the one via Panthwari (Pantwari) village


Nag Tibba (‘Serpent’s Peak’), 3,022
metres (9,915 ft), is the highest peak in
the lesser himalayan region of
Uttarakhand state (Garhwal Division)
and a region of Bugyals (High Altitude
Meadows). It is believed to be the abode
of ‘Nag Devta’ or God of Snakes, from
which it borrows the first part of its
name; “Tibba” is a local word for hill or
peak. Local villagers come here to offer
their prayers to Nag Devta for the
protection of their cattle.


Dehradun to Pantwari and Trek to Goat Village (drive 5-6 hrs,4 km trek)] Reach Dehradun in the mornin: Freshen up, hav breaktast and get ready for a drive through the range of Garhwal Mills 👉• Pit stop for Snacks at Pantwari village (4,640 ft) 👉• And have a pit stop at Pantwari and then head towards base Camp1 👉• Check in the Camp and get served with Lunch spend your dav relaxing at Camp with mountains 👉• Whole trek has phone network but erratic 👉• Get served with evening snacks with bonte followed by Oinner spend you night gazing billions of Stars

Base Camp to Nag Tibba top and return to Pantwari Village and drive to Dehradun(9,910 Ft ,4km trek)] 👉• Wake us Samo Get ready for the day Have some light Breakfast &: gear up for the tre 👉• Stone your tres from Base Camp to Nag hibba Peak 👉• Visit Nag Devta temple for blessing 👉• Reach Nag ribba Peal and get mesmerized by the 👉• Spend some time here trying to capture the snow capped Himalayan ranges such as Swargrohini Bandar poonch, Kala Nag. Srikanth and Gangotri

Base Camp to Nap Tibba top and retum to Pantwari Village and drive to Dehradun(9,910 Ft ,4km trek) contd… ] From here, you will be retracing your steps back to the Campsite. 👉• Have Lunch at Base Camp site and return to the Panthwari village. 👉• Panthwari will be reached by sundown and then head back to Dehradun.

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