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Tripura is a state in northeastern India. The third-smallest state in the country, it covers 10,491.69 km2 and is bordered by Bangladesh to the north,south, and west, and the Indian states of Assam and Mizoram to the east. Five mountain ranges


Hathai Kotor, Atharamura, Longtharai, Shakhan and Jampui Hills — run north to south, with intervening valleys; Agartala, the capital, is located on a plain to the west.According to the 2011 census, Tripura is one of the most literate states in India, with a literacy rate of 87.75%. An ancient name of Tripura (as mentioned in the Mahabharata) is Kirat Desh (English: “The land of Kirat”), probably referring to the Kirata Kingdoms or the more generic term Kirata.Tripura became a princely state during British rule in India. The kings had an estate in British India, known as Tippera district or Chakla Roshnabad (now the Comilla district of Bangladesh). The name Tripura is linked to the Hindu goddess Tripura Sundari, the presiding deity of the Tripura Sundari Temple at Udaipur, one of the 51 Shakti Peethas (pilgrimage centres of Shaktism),and to the legendary tyrant king Tripur, who reigned in the region. Tripur was the 39th descendant of Druhyu, who belonged to the lineage of Yayati, a king of the Lunar Dynasty


Pick up from Agartala Airport/ Railway station. After arriving in Agartala, meet our guide. Get in the car and move to your hotel rooms in Agartala. Have your lunch at around 1-2 p.m. Take some rest and get ready for the Agartala tour . We will be visiting Ujjayanta Palace. Then Laxmi Narayan Bari & Jagannath Temple. At last we will visit Chaturdash Devta Mandir . Take a rest on Hotel rooms. Have your dinner at around 9 p.m.

Have your breakfast at around 7 a.m. and leave for Kashba Kali Bari. (30 kms from Agartala) it is situated just beside the Bangladesh border. Then we will move forward to Tripura Sundari temple in Udaipur(52 kms from Kashba) at around 9 a.m. & then Bhuvaneshwari Temple . Have your lunch at around 2-3 p.m. Start your journey for Neermahal - The water Palace of Tripura at around 3. p.m. Get back to your hotel, take some rest. Have your dinner at around 9 p.m.

Wake up early in the morning. Have your Breakfast at 6.30 a.m. and get ready to begin. Get on your car and leave for Coconut Island at 7.a.m ( 135 kms from Agartala) Reach there and enjoy your boating for 1.30 hours. Along the way, you would encounter some startling views of the Dumboor Lake. Then we will leave for Chabimura - The Amazon of Tripura. Enjoy your boating and visit the Chabimura Cave. Get back to the car and leave for Agartala. End of the day . take some rest. Have your dinner at 9.p.m.

Day 4 :

Have your breakfast and leave for Unakoti. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach Unakoti from Agartala. Visit the mesmerizing view of Unakoti. Unakoti hill literally means one Koti in Hindi & Bengali. You will witness the ancient Shaivite place of worship with huge rock reliefs celebrating Lord Shiva and other Gods. Have your lunch & leave for Jampui hills . Check -in into hotel rooms in Jampui. Have your dinner at 9 p.m

Day 5 :

Jampui , Betlingchhip hill, Vanghmun Village. Today is the most visually mesmerizing day of the entire tour. Have breakfast early and get ready to climb to the Jampui hill. Then we will visit Vanghmun Village - the cleanest village in Tripura. Have your lunch at 2 p.m. After that we will visit Betlingchhip hills. Take some photos and get back to your car. Reach Agartala in the evening . Your journey ends here.

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